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15+ Best Summer Training and Internship Program in India
15+ Best Summer Training and Internship Program in India

15+ Best Summer Training and Internship Program in India

Summer Training is integral part of your vocational courses and organization. Every student irrespective of their domain or stream or specialization have to go through the summer training program. Some colleges or university arrange this program for their students and in some cases students have to find and do by themselves. Summer training are also known as summer internship, semester training, campus training with minor difference in the definition adopted by colleges and universities.

What is Summer Training?

During vocational course student learn and theoretical understand the different aspects of an organization this could be a finance function , HR function , marketing function , IT function , Engineering function, quality function and many more. So summer training is a provision for student to get the realtime exposure of the organization for certain period, get great real world insight, experience people on ground from Jr to medium to Sr management level and understand the way of working.


Why Summer Training?

  • Get exposure to real time world of organizations
  • Use organization’s resources and effectively use in training
  • Build business and professional network
  • Establish the first thought towards the career aspiration


Duration recommendation: This should be as per the guidelines of your colleges or universities. It has been experienced that some people like to take only for 2 months and some really go for 6 months training. This also depend upon the organization who invites for such training program.

Challenges during Summer Training?

Many questions comes in student’s mind when they look for summer training. Some student from premier college get easy and early exposure to pursue this program but majority of student are really not lucky enough to get that exposure. Such student end doing their training only on paper without learning anything and not justifying the very purpose of such training programs. Questions those typically comes:

  • where to go for summer training this year
  • where to find a company who can invite for training
  • location constraint if you cannot accept due to distance
  • training program are not up to date with pace of global development
  • offered trainings are either monotonous or no creativity and innovation applied
  • no guidance provided during the training
  • no exposure to latest technology , tools and templates
  • training objectives are not align with your personal objectives
  • Training is not helping in career choice

Why Thinklogist for Summer Training Program:

This is an endless list of challenges that most of the students deals with when time come for summer training. To get the better experience and answer to your above question, Thinklogist has come up with unique, creative and innovative summer training program. Currently all trainings are running free to get the maximum use of it through our industry experts. This is the wide range of training program that Thinklogist offers to meet the different needs of student or training seekers. Individual or group can directly reach out to us for more details.

  •  Summer Training
  • Project Training
  • Technical Training
  • Functional Training
  • Domain Training
  • Semester Training
  • Campus Training
  • Due-diligence
  • Due diligence plus
  • Milestone
  • Milestone plus
  • Revolution
  • Revolution plus
  • Exclusive
  • Expert Choice
  • Custom Training

Please visit our website to go through the details of each training program, approach and process. Every project will be unique and will be designed for you with your interest area only.

You can also mail at .

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